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Khind MC12S Stainless Steel Multi Cooker & Steamer

RM 80.00

- Stainless Steel SUS304 Body and Steamer

- Multi Cooking Function : Boiling Water

- Cooking Noodles

- Steamboat & Etc

- Long 1 Meter Power Cord

- Free Stainless Steel Steam Tray and

- Removable Steam Rack

- Stainless Steel Stand and Food Grade Bowl

Voltage : 220-240V ~ 50Hz *Power : 600W

Capacity : 1.2 Litres

Product details of Khind Multi Cooker MC12S

Looking for a fun way to make cheap and healthy family meals for less moolah? Then look no further than your handy slow cooker or crock pot! Khind Multi Cooker MC12S are frugal to buy, cheap to operate, and can turn inexpensive cuts of meat or low cost vegetarian dishes into delicious family meals with just the flip of a switch.

Less cost

Slow cookers can acute your grocery bill significantly by allowing you to buy cheaper cuts of meat and tenderizing them over low heat for a longer time. Cooking with a crock is also very inexpensive when compared to the costs of running an oven. With Khind Multi Cooker MC12S high grade white ceramic pot, there are big bucks to be saved by using your slow cooker leftovers for lunch or remixing them into a second family meal. How's that for frugalicious food!

Easy and tasty

Cooking the slow way using a crock pot is very easy to do - just layer your food into the crock, set it and forget it! It's seriously that easy. It is also include overheat protection. Not just that, low cookers are all about dishing out delicious comfort foods for families. Crocks improve the flavour of a meal by taking less desirable cuts of meat or simple beans, and turning them into tasty meals by simmering in low heat and cooking over several hours!

So if you're into easy cooking methods, single pot clean-up, and cutting your food and energy costs with low heat cooking, then maybe it's time to dust off your retro 1970s slow cooker and flip the switch on big savings!

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