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Sharp Air Purifier FUA28E-Antibacteria

RM 339.00

- 220V - 240V

- 19m² floor coverage

- Kills bacteria & viruses

- Plasmacluster Ion Technology

Product details of Sharp Air Purifier FUA28E

It is crucial that the very air we breathe is

clean because it is what sustains and nourishes us

on a daily basis. We breathe in a million microbes

every day and we never know what goes in. So it is

important to fill our lungs with proper oxygen.

Introducing, the Sharp Air Purifier FUA28E! This

multiple award winning air purifier defends and

efficiently suppresses the activity of airborne

microbes and viruses. It protects the oxygen we

breathe from being contaminated by unwanted

impurities, giving you healthy source of oxygen.

Why You Need Sharp Air Purifier FUA28E

In a realm of the unseen that is visible to the

naked eye, airborne viruses flourish in compact

spatial areas which can weaken our bodies, make us

ill, feeling sloth-like and tired. The more reason

you need the Sharp Air Purifier FUA28E! This air

purifier is always at constant battle with

impurities and contaminants that are harmful to

our lungs in order to maintain the freshness of

the oxygen that we inhale every day.

Plasmacluster Ion Technology

As an original Sharp invention, the Plasmacluster

Ion technology is a sanitising method in which the

air is purified through the emission of positive

and negative ions. The positive and negative ions

serve the purpose of deactivating bacteria, mould

spores, viruses and airborne allergens as well as

molecularly reduce unpleasant odour that comes

from cigarette smoke, cooking, garbage, pets and

such. Hence, with the Plasmacluster Ion

Technology, the Sharp Air Purifier FUA28E is able

to use static electricity to prevent dusts and

pollen from tainting the air, circulating the room

and clinging on to the curtains or clothing in

your home. Overall, making sure that you are able

to provide a hygienic breathable air.

Decomposes and Removes Adhering Odours

With a dimension of 38cm (W) x 38.5cm (H) x 12.8cm

(L) that purifies the air covering the area within

19m2 radius, this FUA28E not only battles

infinitesimal terrors, it also decomposes and

removes airborne allergens such as dead dust

mites, dust mite faeces, pollen and overall

basically any house dusts. At the same time, it

also has a strong performance of getting rid of

viruses and quickly tackles the unpleasant

adhering odours from lingering around in your home

to ensure that the air you breathe is fresh and

clean at all times.

Winner Brand!

Here is your

chance to get the Sharp Air Purifier FUA28E now!

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